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Hi all,

Today, we got a beautiful morning (as far as Rongbuk Base Camp goes). Nice sun shinning, very little wind, and temperature that goes up to 30 deg C inside a tent. Right now, I am typing this report in rolled up sleeves and shorts. I know it won’t last long – so I am enjoying weather while it lasts.

The sun is really very deadly too – because the UV is so high it goes off the scale of my UV meter (0 to 16). Singapore weather at noon day gets about 8 to 9 whereas this place gets a rating of 16 or 17. High UV means no bacteria nor virus can survive for long too.

The air is also very dry (5% RH), which forces you to apply heavy duty cream (Neutrogena, Nivea, etc) on your hands and exposed areas of your skin. Ladies, night cream is also for the guys too!!!

From here, it is a very long walk (5 to 6 hours) to Intermediate Camp (I-C) at 5900m. From I-C, it will take another 5 t0 6 hours to Advance Base Camp (ABC). Both I-C and ABC are situated on the East Rongbuk Glacier.

The climbing team of 4 people just left for I-C about 1 hour ago. They will spend two nights at I-C, then walk up to ABC to spend another night. They should be back at Base Camp on 12th of April.

David is down with a slight cold, while Rozani still has to contend with his cough and blocked nose. Other than that, everyone is still okay.

Ting Sern

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