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Brand’s essence of beef??

Dear Friends,

Today, something definitely of interest to one of our staunch supporters, Mr Lam Pin Woon, CEO of Cerebos Pacific and owners of the Brands Essence of Chicken marque. We have a photo of a 1933 label from a container of “Brand and Co,”s Essence of Beef”. Brand and Co. was the predecessor of the current “Brands” label. Of special note is that this label was found by the Mallory-Irvinee Research Expedition 2001 (see Eric Simonson, the expedition leader, in consultation with the sponsor who has photo rights, has kindly agreed to let us use this remarkable picture of the label found 2 weeks ago at over 8,000 metres on Mt Everest from the 1933 British Everest Expedition. Looks like Brands goes a long way! The label itself has quaint exhortations to ” Beware Imitations” and lengthy preparation instructions.

Although I do not think Brands makes an essence of beef anymore, the Essence of Chicken we have been taking has been very popular, even amongst various American professional climbers here at basecamp.

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Pic by Andy Politz/2001 Mallory and Irvine Research Expedition/Corbis Sygma

Gil, Roz and BC will return from Tashi Zum tomorrow. Today, we looked at incredibly detailed aerial photo maps of the summit route. It is very complicated and the is a reflection of the seriousness of the route. We’ll have more discussions about this before we leave. Today is the BEST summit day we have seen and one wonders if the fine summit weather has come 2 weeks early and we are missing the boat….We hope there will be another round in mid-May allowing some of us to have a good crack at the route.


Today’s sponsor feature:
Singapore Technologies is one of the Expedition’s premiere sponsors.

The Singapore Technologies (ST) Group is a leading multinational conglomerate whose uniquely diverse portfolio allows it to provide a full array of multi-disciplinary capabilities. Our activities include research and development, design and engineering, and precision manufacturing in the following five core business areas:

Engineering Business Group: production, upgrading, development and maintenance of complex engineering systems in specialised fields ranging from aerospace to medical equipment.

Technology Business Group: operating high value-added businesses in the semiconductor, telemedia and electronics and IT industries.

Infrastructure & Logistics Business Group: development and management of industrial parks and resorts, providing logistics and marine-related services, and conducting lifestyle operations.

Property Business Group: development, investment and management of diversified properties both locally and overseas.

Financial Services Business Group: stock-broking, growth financing, mezzanine financing, debt origination and distribution and venture capital investments.

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