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Resting at Advance Basecamp

Hi Friends,

This morning I received a message from our climbers. Our team of 3 climbers are now resting in ABC (Advance Base Camp).

The weather at Base Camp is fine – plenty of sunshine, lots of wind, but little clouds.

The American team that was scheduled to summit today was turned back just below the “Yellow Band” (8500m) because of deep snow. Sherpas will be employed to ‘kick steps’ into the deep snow before another attempt will be made at the summit.

Ting Sern

Today’s sponsors feature –


Thanks to Anthony Seah and Allsports, we have over 400 metres of quality Beal fixed line for use on the mountain.


Apart from the numerous handheld cellular telephones, Motorola make some fine wireless radios – which we have been using since 1996.
A total refurbishment of all our GP 68 rugged radios from Motorola – many thanks!


Snow City provides a fun environment for Singaporeans to experience real snow and slides. Snow City has supported the Expedition by providing a novel site for PR and publicity events – not to mention some warm ups on cramponning up the easy snow slopes!

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