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Hi Everyone,

The weather today is sunny with scattered clouds over Everest. Our 3 climbers have started their journey from Advance Base Camp to North Col. They will spent a night there and if the weather continue to be good, they will proceed to higher camps as follows:

18th May – North Col (7,000m)
19th May – Camp 5 (7,900m)
20th May – Camp 6 (8,300m)
21st May – Summit attempt & return to Camp 6
22nd May – North Col
23rd May – ABC
24th May – Basecamp

The first team consist of 2 American climbers are going up to camp 6 today. Ahead of them is a team of sherpas breaking the trail above camp 6 and they are now tackling the steep “Yellow Band”. Hopefully they could find the rope to fix it all the way to the “First Step” and beyond.

Signing Off,
Ting Sern & Beng Cheong

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