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Oops! new plans

Hi Everybody,

This report was late because we were waiting for our ISDN link to be activated … all featured reports will be sent tomorrow morning (wherever possible).

First, sorry for the previously sent report. It was sent too fast – because …

We are now in the fast lane – 64K ISDN link was just activated and I was not used to the speed of it (having used to 2.4K for the past 1.5 months). Anyway, I have to say “thank you” to the following people/corporations for making this possible –

a) George Tan of Ad Idem Productions (Pte) Ltd for doing all the groundwork for me on my behalf,
b) Temasek Polytechnic’s Satellite Internet Competancy Unit (SICU) for lending us this Nera M4 World Communicator and footing the satellite time as well
c) Steven McClung for carrying the M4 up to Tibet for us
d) Hermstedt Asia (Pte) Ltd for lending us the Marco ISDN Card (for Apple)
e) Pacific Internet for having put in some special effort to activate this ISDN link for us (in less than 3 days – ordinarily will take 1 month!)

Now for today’s late report …

a) Yesterday evening, we received a couple of Singaporeans on a private tour of TIBET. They gave us a very nice surprise – because we didn’t anticipate any more Singaporeans. They came from Lhasa and they will be heading back to Singapore that same way. They also asked us whether we need “Bak Kua” … we appreciated their kindness but we have already overloaded our tents with three different types of “bak kua” !!!!

They are from Left to Right –
Victor Loh, Alvin Neo, Jackie, WTS, Kim Chai & David.

b) Next, a MAJOR CORRECTION on our part ….

Our climbers are only climbing up to North Col today, NOT yesterday as reported. We apologise for this mistake. This also implies that the schedule given yesterday has to be pushed forward ONE day.

The revised schedule is now as follows –

19/5 (Sat) – Climb to North Col
20/5 (Sun) – Climb to C5 (7500m)
21/5 (Mon) – Climb to C6 (8300m)
22/5 (Tue) – Climb from C6 to summit and then back to C6
23/5 (Wed) – Climb down from C6 to North Col (or ABC)
24/5 (Thr) – Climb down from North Col to Advance Basecamp (or maybe Intermediate Camp)
25/5 (Fri) – Reach Base Camp.

Please note this schedule is not craved in stone, but subject to the wishes and whimmes of the weather. There is NO provision for a retry – only one summit slot is allocated.

c) Today, 2 American climbers and 4 sherpas reached the summit of Everest at 9:30am Nepali time. They will pave the way for more teams to reach the summit. The weather today is PREFECT – no wind, no clouds, and a brilliant sun.

Signing off,
Ting Sern & Beng Cheong

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