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Turning Back

Picture was taken during the time the 3 climbers were attempting to climb up to Camp 5. You can see the horrible wind blowing in the clouds in this picture (taken from Base Camp).

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, our 3 summit climbers were doing pretty well. They were more than 3/4 the way up the North Ridge with height gained of approximately 7,500m. They were approximately 300m below Camp 5 when a sudden gale force wind blowing from the east to west of Everest at 40 to 50 knots caught them by surprise. The wind slow down their progress tremendously and reduced visibility to a point where they decided to turn around at 5.00pm Nepali time.

Our climbers all made it back safely to North Col at about 8.30pm Nepali time.
The weather today is sunny but the westerly wind is still blowing very hard.

Despite, having good health and prayed for good weather for their summit bid, our summit team was again defeated by the mountain. They will be descending to Advance Basecamp today. Hope they have a safe journey back to Basecamp tomorrow.

Signing off,
Ting Sern & Beng Cheong

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