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Hello everybody.

This is Roz. Just came back from Advance Base Camp, leaving Gill and Dave to go on to the North Col all the way. I’m having the worst cough in my life when we decide to let me go down back to Base Camp. Its quite sad for me not being able to join them up there. Beng Cheong is also back at Base Camp, also due to a bad cough.

Before this problem occured, we made an attempt to go up to the North Col on the 21st Apr. It was10am, we began moving up, but the wind was so strong that barely leaving camp, Beng Cheong retreated. He began having a blocked sinus and could barely breathe the words that he did not wish to continue.

“It’s only a gust, we can continue” I shouted to him but I think the wind was too strong. He couldn’t hear me. I didn’t see him after that. David was more relaxed, saying to me that we should go as far as possible before turning back. So the three of us continued moving slowly to the cramponing area, just before the glacier. All of us were very tired from breathing the thin air and carrying loads at this altitude. The wind was beating on us and we could see some other climbers turn back due to the wind.

As I reach the wall near the fixed ropes, I turn my head and could only see Gill behind me. I suspected that Dave has turned back too. I continued jumaring up the fixed rope and Gill followed behind. After reaching the middle of the wall up approximately 300 meters rope length Gill caught up with me. I was so tired and cold. I signaled to Gill that I’m out of breath and wished to turn back. The cold wind was chewing me big time!! By then I was almost blown off twice.

I started to cough at the base of the ice wall. And it continued until we reach ABC. The cold dry air was not helping. That night I could barely sleep. The cough continued through the whole night and on the next day I woke up late. Realised that Beng Cheong had left ABC. Planned to rest on the 22nd before going up to stay at The North Col but with the hacking cough, I had to go lower to recover. Sadly the next morning, on 23rd, I see my buddies go up, and me to go down back to Base Camp.

The good news is that Dave and Gill arrived at the North Col, 7200m to sleep after a good time climbing.They will stay there for 2 days before coming down to ABC then BC.

Over and out.

Mohd Rozani


Many thanks for Mr CK Phua’s corporate contribution. An unconventional businessman and most UNtypical of Singaporean businessmen, CK Phua saw opportunities of this expedition in not only furthering SIngapore nation-building but also as a platform to show that disabled people aren’t necessarily unable to participate and compete in the most challenging activities.

From left, Beng Cheong, Roz, David,Ting Sern and Gil.

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