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The Party’s over

You’ll get a chance to read Gil’s account of the summit push (translated to English>>> go to Gil’s report) .

Some really interesting news is the summit success of blind climber Eric Weihenmeyer ( sic ) from the south side. My old friend PV Scaturro was one of the sighted climbers assisting this remarkable man who makes even the hardest tasks seem easy after his ascent. Eric has made previous climbs on Aconcagua, Denali and Vinson . Way to go!

The French paraglider tandem couple Bertrand and Claire have also confirmed that their recent, spectacular jump from the summit is a record. In 1990, when Bertrand was only 17 years old, he summitted Everest with his father and then they both paraglided from the South Col ( 8000m ) to basecamp. The recent successful jump makes it the highest ever from a mountaintop.

The party’s over now on the summit. Today, grey clouds, high winds and predicted snowfall makes it clear the superb summit window we’ve seen these past few days is closed. We’re counting down the days before we leave.

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