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Hola people!!!

Today we manage to erect up another comms tent for Ting Sern since the last one has the fly torn off by the strong winds up here. The good news is that Dave and Gill will be back from IC at Base Camp tomorrow. They are one cycle ahead of me and Beng Cheong for acclimatisation at the higher altitudes. Looks like they will be very hungry once they get back here, we usually are starve once we get back to Base Camp.

Meanwhile, we are getting better, the coughs are still there but its a little bit dry and also the head colds are getting better. Personally, I can’t wait to get back up the mountain, maybe its because the food’s too good in Base Camp.

Tomorrow we hope to hear Dave and Gill tell their story of their climb up the north col and how they feel up there. Beng Cheong and myself, we are still struggling to get healthy and hope that within the next 3 days, we will be ready for our next round of climb. I am looking forward to a good climb.


Mohd Rozani

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