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Mountaineers David Lim and Wong Ting Sern, both partially disabled, will attempt the ascent of Mexico’s highest mountain El Pico de Orizaba ( 5,700m ) in the first week of March 2003. Orizaba is also the 3rd highest summit in all of North America and is a dormant, ice-capped volcano. The team will encounter hazards which include strong winds, climbing on sheets of steep ice and high altitude.

The expedition is called the ” Mountain of the Star Expedition”; after one of Orizaba’s other names

They will not be using any external assistance such as professional guides, porters, air – drops or such support in their quest; making the ascent a first of its kind by disabled Asian mountaineers.

Typically, mountaineering ascents by any climbers with disabilities are carried out with significant support from able-bodied partners and guides. As a demonstration that disabilities should not hold people back, Lim and Wong, will attempt the climbs relying purely on themselves and no others.

For Ting Sern, he has to cope with balancing issues as well as deafness from cerebral palsy. David will be meeting the challenge of climbing with partial disabilities in both legs including a non-functional right ankle/foot. He wears a steel and plastic leg brace for support. He also sports permanent weaknesses in both hands. Some of these disadvantage can be dealt with by modified climbing equipment such as larger zipper tabs, ski-poles which incorporate an ice-axe head and so on. However, 90% of the equipment used will be just as any used by other mountaineers.

The climb will help the Society for the Physically Disabled ( SPD ) raise $100,000 to purchase a new van. This new van will be a boost to SPD’s daily commitment to ferry their disabled beneficiaries to and from their premises for work, rehabilitation or other purposes. The SPD is a registered Singapore charity.

Four Singapore schools, CHIJ Kellock, Sengkang Secondary School, Henry Park primary School and Marsiling Secondary will be assisting in the fundraising for this van. The expedition team will be providing presentations and satellite communications-based dispatches to encourage the participating students as well as providing information for social studies or other educational programmes. It is hoped that a greater awareness of disability needs cab be achieved.

ALL monies raised go directly to the SPD.

In 2000, David Lim and Wilfred Tok’s successful expedition to climb the highest summit in the Americas ( Aconcagua, 6962m ) succeeded in raising $100,000 for the SPD.

Donors or anyone interested in helping the SPD achieve this goal can contact:…
Ms Helen Tay
Manager, Fundraising and Communications

Society for the Physically Disabled

Tel: 65-6236 6370

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