Caffe Bene Himalayan Traverse Expedition 2016 in Nepal
Kinabalu One-day ascent , 23 August 2013. David makes the first 1-day mobility-impaired climb of Borneo's summit
Qinghai Virgin Peaks Expedition 2012: Tackling 6000m virgin peaks in the Tanggulashan area of Qinghai, China
1st Singapore Everest Expedition: online dispatches of the landmark 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition, led by David Lim
Aconcagua 2000: David Lim and Tok Beng Cheong tackle the Polish Traverse in Feb 2000, as part of David's comeback climb from disability
Tien Shan Expedition 2000: David and members of the 2001 Everest Expedition lead and trained a team of novices in the first ever Singapore expedit...
Ojos Del Salado - Chile 2001: The Everest 2001 Expedition’s major warm-up climb prior to the Everest climb in 2001.
Singapore-Latin American Everest Expedition 2001: A climb on the North Rodge of Mt Everest, led by David Lim
Climbing the fabled Mount Ararat in 2001: ” I was fascinated by the tale of Noah’s Ark since I was a kid. In 1986 I took the opportunity to tra...
Ascent 8000: Expedition to Cho Oyu and Shishapangma, two 8000m peaks in 2002 by disabled Singaporean mountaineer David Lim
Alpine Rock in Borneo -2010:Why We Need Heroes: Climbing with Borneo alpine rock with Sir Chris Bonington, the legendary British mountaineer.
Extreme Desert Crossing 2007:David and Shani make the 5th ever recorded crossing on foot of the Salar de Uyuni
The “Spirit of Singapore Expedition 2009”, makes 3 virgin peak ascents including the tough peak later named Majulah Peak
Iran Expedition 2006: Multi-peak ascents in Alam-Kooh, and a climb of the long north ridge of Damavand in the Alborz peaks.
Ojos del Salado 2005: The highest volcano in the world --"Of my many adventures and climbs worldwide, there are a few which taught me the lesson t...
Nike Timing Mt. Fuji Climb 2004: David, Ting Sern and Masaharu make an attempt on Mt Fuji in the winter from the Yoshida trailhead.
Mountain of the Star Expedition 2003: An all-disabled mountaineers’ ascent of Pico de Orizaba, 5700m, Mexico’s highest peak and North America...
Maccoffee Tienshan Virgin Peaks Expedition: David leads his team to make the first virgin peak ascents by a Southeast Asian expedition. The team cl...
Kilimanjaro 2011: David Lim returns to Kilimanjaro to climb it from the Rongai Route.
Elbrus 2003: Climbing highest summit of Europe - in 2003. David teams up with Grant and Rudolf in Russia...
Kilimanjaro Challenge 2004: Four disabled mountaineers atempt a remote route on the northern icefields of Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m), the summit of ...

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Kili summit

In Aug 2011, David Lim will be returning to the 5895m high Mount Kilimanjaro to climb it from the Rongai Route (from the north) . This is a far different climb than the Voltaren Kilimanjaro Challenge in 2004. The 2011 team comprises David’s wife, Maureen Da Costa, long-time expedition doctor and David’s partner on the Extreme Desert Crossing Expedition in 2007 – Dr Shani Tan, and her trek companion, Juliana Kok. Visit the updates page on Facebook where George Tan will be updating our progress. Expect sketchy reports this time, folks! There may be occasional updates here The Rongai route is far less travelled than the popular Machame and Marangu routes from the south west and south east. The route the team will be taking will approach Kibo from the north west; crossing the scenic saddle between Mawenzi ( a satellite peak of Kilimanjaro) and then ascending the final summit route on the Marangu route (see right)

Left: Maureen at some stair climbing training on Bukit Timah, 164m. The workout usually involves an hour or two of stari climbing the well -known long staircases of the Rengas, Summit and Jungle Fall path staircases. Alternatively, the Dairy Farm loop is also provided a decent long walk with ups and downs. Our training in Singapore, which is ‘mountain-less’ comprises running, weights, Pilates, and hillw alking. Kilimanjaro is not a technical peak. But it is high, and apart from acclimatisation, a solid aerobic fitness foundation is required to complete the climb successfully. Shani and Juliana who emigrated to New Zealand a couple of years ago have a larger variety of outdoor opportunities – although with our busy work and corporate commitments – training gets tougher the older you get!