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Blue Cheese and Newspapers

Dear Friends,

It’s been a blustery day, full of sunshine, snow showers and hope. Up high Rozani and Terry La France (one of the non-guided climbers on the USA team) made a foray uphill on the North Ridge. The plan was to reach Camp 5, a tough prospect at 7,900m. The actual vertical distance needed to be covered from the North Col (7,000m) is, by comparison 50% farther than the equivalent day from the Lhotse Face camp to South Col on the regular route on the Nepal side. Additionally, no bottled oxygen is usually used. But hey, this is the North side and things are a bit different here. Harder. Farther. Colder. Windier.

Rozani and Terry reached 7,300m thereabouts before turning back in the face of strong, cold winds. Both are back safely at the Col now.

Down here, I received by goodie bag from home, courtesy of our Official Support Trek. Many thanks! What’s in it some of you may ask – well, batteries for TS’s hearing aids, blue cheeses (now a bit green), sticks of smoked cheese and nuts for nibbling up high, letters from my girlfriend Maureen – yet to be opened, medicines for our coughs especially, a copy of The Straits Times – (Singapore’s major English language broadsheet). It also happens to be printed by one of major supporters, Singapore Press Holdings. Dated or not, this was too good to resist (see photo attached) after 5 weeks from home. Needless to say, nothing much happening to draw us away from the action and views here – unless you are a die-hard TV football fanatic.

Needless to say, Maureen’s letters will keep me a bit warmer tonight. That’s all for today, folks.

Dave, signing off.


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