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Hi everyone,

In appalling weather today (wind was up – 25 knots, -20 deg C), cloudy sky (hardly any sun) and snow drifts around (which cuts visibility to 1000m), all 4 climbing members of the expedition left Base Camp (BC) left for Intermediate Camp (I-C) and later bound for ABC (Advance Base Camp) and the real objective, North Col. The team will be away for 8 days from today.

While the route from BC to ABC is mainly trekking on glacial moraine and glacial ice itself, the path up from ABC to North Col is a steep (45 degrees to 50 degrees) ice slope. Members will taste ice climbing (using crampons and ice axes) for the first time since coming to Everest BC.

Health wise, all 4 members of the climbing team are still suffering from some coughs and/or colds in one way or another.

Ting Sern


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From left guy with strange head gear… Beng Cheong, Roz, Ting Sern, Gil, and David.

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