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Hi everyone,

Today’s weather is fine, as far as Rongbuk’s standards goes. Bright sunshine, gushing wind, no snow, no clouds.
Last night’s radio report from David came in at 6:20pm. The team was staying at Intermediate Camp (all okay).

Today, there was no radio calls from them. However, according to their schedule, they are now supposedly on the way up to ABC (Advance Base Camp) from Intermediate Camp (I-C). I will wait for radio calls at 6pm.

Ting Sern,
at Base Camp.


Brands has been a staunch supporter of the expedition as well as the 1st Singapore Everest Expedition in 1998. We also have from them numerous food supplements including the famous (dehydrated version for the exclusive expedition use) Essence of Chicken. See

Two guys with strange head gear… Beng Cheong, Gil, Ting Sern, David and Roz. Looking very pleased with themselves after a hot Brands Essence of Chicken!!

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