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Hello Everyone,

Today is rest day at base camp. Nothing significant is happening right now. Everybody is relaxing or charging up energy for the next saga.

Tomorrow, Rozani and Terry (an American climber) MIGHT be going up to North Col. This is a big MAYBE – because if Terry is not going up, Rozani won’t be allowed to venture up alone. Climbing alone is not done.

Beng Cheong’s health has not been improving since he returned to Base Camp. The team is now debating what to do with him.

A video filming session was scheduled with the various members of the expedition – WTS (to explain the innards of power supply, satellite communications, and the operations of Apple Powerbooks), Rozani & Gil (to give their reports on the various aspects of the expedition so far). Gil gave his comments in both English and Portugese.

Ting Sern


Thanks to Fatoma and her team, the expedition’s major public events and PR exercises have gone smoothly and have also been fun events!

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