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Summit day: Schools Huts to Hans Meyer Cave 5243m and Gillman’s Point 5708m to Uhuru Peak 5895m.

Started for the summit at midnight, reached Hans Meyer Cave at 5200m in darkness, and then finally, after some awful switchbacks, and overtaking a large, and slow Japanese team comprising all types of climbers and videographers, reached Gilman’s Point – the crater rim – at 5721m at 6am shiarp. Sunrise coming up (see left); lighting up the eastern icefields

1)The team on the summit of Africa! 2) David, making the final 200m to the summit
3) Maureen , just below Stella Point on the crater rim, The 1.5 hour traverse from Giman’s Point to the summit has a couple of landmarks. You can see Uhuru Peak(the summit) as the highest ‘bump’ in the photo 4) David and Maureen together, on the summit.

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