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If you have a request or urgent business matter, you can reach me on +65 – 67779843  or 97492076. Just bear in mind in time differences between where you are, and where we are! If you are interested in a leadership/motivational presentation, don’t complete the form below but email me directly at contact(at); or visit our corporate website.

Motivational Presentations

David Lim knows something about leadership and overcoming obstacles.

In 1998, he made history as leader of the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition. The landmark climb captured the nation’s imagination about the art of the possible, and ignited the need for calculated risk-taking, courage and imagination in the flat, tropical island nation of Singapore.

A week after his triumphant return from Everest, he was struck down by the rare nerve disorder, Guillain Barre Syndrome, and paralysed completely from eyes down. Spending six weeks on a ventilator and six months in hospital, he emerged permanently disabled from the ordeal. He regained his life through sheer will and focus, and made a successful return to the great mountains. Interviewed in media for his leadership and expedition skills, he has been covered many times in The Wall Street Journal, The Straits Times, CNN, Channelnewsasia and National Geographic Channel (Asia).  In 2012, The Straits Times newspaper described him as “unstoppable”.




David delivers presentations on leadership, motivation and overcoming obstacles, and is founder of Everest Motivation Team. He is a sought-after international motivational speaker and has addressed hundreds of audiences of up to 12,000 people, and regularly clocks up 70 engagements annually, a third of those being international assignments. These include adding value to:

  • Partner / distributor events
  • Sales, annual and divisional kickoffs
  • Global congress keynotes e.g the 2005 Project Management Institute and 2007 Visa Global Congresses
  • Corporate retreats
  • Evening / dinner / luncheon presentations
  • Regional business conferences
  • Incentives and reward meetings

Since 1999, David has delivered exciting, content-rich motivational presentations in over 25 countries and 49 cities worldwide.

David is the first Singaporean to receive the Certified Speaking Professional(CSP) designation, the highest accreditation that any of the 6000 members of the Global Speakers Federation can receive. That there are fewer than 11% of these who are CSPs is a reflection of the consistent quality and professionalism CSPs bring to the industry, as well as the high standards required to received the designation. Meeting planners, speakers bureau and event organisers can be assured of a top level presentation, as well as the lead up to the event.


He delivers a timeless message of overcoming the odds, the need for passion, inventiveness and perseverance. His most popular keynote presentation, Lessons From Mt. Everest, has been described as “world-class”. Depending on the presentation focus, you will learn about:

  • Creating a shared success vision
  • The Wake Up test of personal values
  • How to set goals, and get them
  • Lim’s Action-Motivation Quadrant in bringing dreams into reality
  • Overcoming enormous odds
  • Doing more with less; having the Alpinist Attitude
  • The Five ‘C’s choosing the right people and the right team
  • The Fact/Belief Tool


David has a breezy style, with plenty of humour that works with international audiences. Using a number of interactive tools that engage and entertain audiences, his presentations not only involve the telling of stories from which we can learn life’s greatest lessons, but will show us what we need to do to succeed. Audience interaction, emotional engagement, humour, stunning visuals, and a powerful call to action are hallmarks of David’s presentation


Testimonials from industry specific clients:

IBM, INSEAD Business School, Prudential, ABN AMro, Citibank, Actis, Novartis, sanofi aventis. Pfizer, Boston Consulting Group, Maersk, Amadeus, Maruti, TATA Steel, Singapore Telecommunications, Bvlgari South Asia, Ministries of Manpower, Defence and Education ( in Singapore ) Media Development Authority ( Singapore ) and many more.

Very few people have the ability to capture people’s hearts and minds and truly inspire them – to dream larger dreams and set their goals higher than they thought possible. You have earned this rare, wonderful power.

Ms Lien Siaou-Sze
Senior Vice-president
Asia Pacific
Hewlett-Packard Operations

I enjoyed your session and benefited from it. Particularly the interactive style you have adopted and the exercise you engaged participants in on the selection of your Mt Everest team for final push. The use of actual life examples was powerful to illustrate each of your strategic points. For me, your session of 90 minutes or more just flew by.

Shu Koo
Group HR,
AXA Insurance Group

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