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Four days to go to Kinabalu – it’s been quite a busy period focused on training; especially on strength-endurance wokouts for my weak right hip and leg. Lots of functional training work, repetitions in the 20-25 rep range, and doing a nice mix of that, a run a week, and 2 staircase sessions. It feels like I’m training harder than for the Qinghai virgin peaks climb in 2012!

The plan so far:

Aug 22: flight to Kota Kinabalu followed by a transfer to the national park.
Aug 23: Early start ( critical) at 7-8am to push to the summit, and descent to Pendant Hut at 3300m
Aug 24: further exploration and descent
Aug 25: Return to Singapore

The climb will begin at Timpohon Gate ( 1866m a.s.l) and end (weather permitting) at the summit ( 4095m), 13.6km, and 2400 vertical metres of height gain later.  We’ll then make a slower descent down to Pendant Hut by the late afternoon


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