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David ( much better, since being admitted in June) still nosetube fed, undergoing rehab, Sep 1998. He lost 13kgs in hospital! Mike, David and Wilfred – Mt Kinabalu climbs and scrambles, Nov 1999 – 11 months after David’s discharge from hospital. Hi s first ‘ real’ mountain after Guillain- Barre Syndrome David with Co Tolosa in background, Aconcagua National park, Argentina, Dec 2001
Faye on Mt Ararat’s summit, Aug 2001 Team approaching the summit of Mt Ararat, 5165m, Turkey Kaan at 2500m, descending from Ararat
Sunset on west face of Aconcagua. The true North Summit ( 6962m ) is the second ‘bump’ from the left on the skyline

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