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Contributed by Axe Rawlinson
An image taken by David Lim this morning on his drive into basecamp on the Qinghai plateau in China. Owing to technical issues I am having difficulties updating David’s blog on his behalf. The team has arrived safely at basecamp, however there was a last minute change in plans. The original location of basecamp was not accessible by 4WD so they have moved position approximately 13km to the North to another valley. From looking at google earth, it appears that access to their original climbing objective (the Dragons Tooth) is more difficult from the new basecamp position. It involves crossing two glacial systems before arriving at the north west face of the 6000m+ dragons tooth. I have had sporadic Thuruya Sat phone conversations today with David Lim, and some messages from Rozani Maarof and they appear to be in good spirits and handling the altitude well. I will update the teams progress by posting to David’s facebook wall as I cannot access his blog. Their current basecamp position is N33.165 and E 92.032 if you would like to check it on google earth. Their climbing objective (the Dragons tooth) is located approximately at N33.103 and E 92.066. All coordinates are approximate only.

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