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Oct 1993 – David Lim, on behalf of the Mountaineering Society, applies and secures a permit from the Nepal Government for the climbing of Mt Everest for the spring season 1998. The application is backed by the newly formed Singapore Mountaineering Federation, the national association of climbing clubs. During this time, a search for team members is ongoing, as is the overall strategy for the 4 year project by the Mountaineering Society

April 1994 – The Nepal government issues the permit. At that time, it was unclear as to who would make up the final team, so the names inserted were those of Mountaineering SOciety members who had the right climbing resume and interest at the time

Everest expedition climbing permit

May 1994 – The Straits Times newspaper runs a couple of major news stories of the climb. A representative of another adventure association with no prior input in the project calls for the the project to be ‘surrendered’ into the care of a group of technical committees. This does not happen once the scale of the work required becomes evident, and the commitment required. The eventual committee comprises all the key team members and a few non-climbers with relevant skills and expertise. The rule by “committee types”  gets the boot.

July 1994 – David Lim applies for support from the Singapore Sports Council. For the first time, a manifesto of the expeditions begins to form. It will be a 14-page document relating to the aims and selection process of the team. However, this became the unswerving approach


1) Make a successful ascent of Mt Everest in 1998

2) Develop alpinism as a sport in Singapore


Contrary to public perception, there is already a body of climbers who have been involved in alpine–climbing for the last four years. Some of them already have the neccessary skills, and if further developed, would be adequate for climbing Everest. In fact there is, theoretically, a sufficient number of climbers already available to do the job. However, bearing in mind mutual incompatibility, lack of commitment and natural attrition, a search for more climbers is needed.

Climbers for the expedition should be Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

It is proposed that two teams be established:

1) The Everest team – which should consist of persons with the basic and advanced rock, snow and ice–climbing skills  and

IÎ2) A development squad – consisting of individuals with a commitment to alpinism though with limited climbing experience.

The creation of a development squad is to allow a body of reserves for the reasons mentioned above. In addition, the squad will also allow for alpine skills development in the longer term.

During this period, the team acquired two sponsors – Singapore Pools, with an initial support of $30,000. And SECTOR Sports watches.

Dec 2004- The preliminary team is showcased and profiled in a major press feature by The Straits Times

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