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15:45 hrs:  A short message from Roz “Just arrived at highcamp”.

So it looks like they made it safely down and based on the short nature of the message, are probably exhausted.  Considering they left around 5AM it looks like a 10h 45minute day and they will be very dehydrated. However all water needs to be melted from snow or ice, a painfully slow process which takes discipline to sit in the tent and melt enough to adequately re-hydrate when they are tired.  It may take 2 hours or more to melt a few litres and then they also will need to cook some food.  They will be fighting the urge to lie back in their sleeping bags and sleep.  However if they do not drink enough tonight, they will wake in the morning feeling very weak, with the possibility of altitude sickness and major throbbing dehydration headaches a real concern.  Their bodies will not be able to repair and recharge themselves from today’s effort.

Tomorrow they will most probably pack up high camp and head down to basecamp where they will spend the night.  Getting back to basecamp on the grass will be a real luxury as the increase in oxygen levels will make them feel stronger, warmer, happier and  they will sleep better tomorrow night.

They have definitely earned their rest tonight anyway!

Axe off belay on behalf of David Lim







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