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Hi everyone,

Yesterday evening, Rozani made it back to base camp. He went on an acclimatization climb to North Col. He’s resting up now.

Today, David & Gil went trekking up a ‘frozen’ river about 100m away from base camp. After more than a week at Basecamp, itchy feet dictated a 4 hour hike up towards Kellas Peak via the interesting frozen river.

Currently, there’s a rescue of a sick Chinese climber who’s being stretchered down from ABC. It looks grim. More details later.

Ting Sern


Hoje eh o nosso 9 dia aqui no Base e tivemos 3 dias com tempo mais agradavel…pouco vento. Aproveitamos ontem para ir conhecer o Monasterio de Rongbuck que fica a uns 6km daqui. Este monasterio, parcialmente destruido, eh o mais alto do mundo (5.000m) e tem uma visao do priviligiada do Everest. Hoje, David e eu subimos um vale aqui proximo. O fundo do vale eh praticamente um glacial com uma largura aproximada de 20m e todo em degraus, o que facilita a subida. O contraste do gelo muito branco com as rochas nuas ao redor eh surreal.

Bem, o tempo “considerado” bom esta acabando e a previsao para a amanha jah eh de muito vento. Inclusive volta o “Jet stream” nas altitudes acima dos 8.000m, impossibilitando chegar ao cume do Everest nestes dias.

Rozani voltou ontem do Colo Norte e esta bem. Devemos ir para cima novamente ai pelo dia 10 ou 11 de maio.

Novamente agradeco aos e-mails de incentivo. Saibam que eh com muita alegria que os recebemos…pois aqui eh dureza mesmo.

Para aqueles que perguntaram a sequencia de escalada eh a seguinte. Inicio: Campo Base (5.400m); 2 – Campo Base Avancado (ABC _ 6.500m), dois dias de caminhada do Base; 3 – Colo Norte a 7.100m; 4 – Campo 5 a 7.800m; 5 – Campo 6 a 8.300m; 6 – Cume a 8.850m :o )…No site tem um mapa que dah para entender direitinho.



Hi everyone!

Today is our 9th day down in the Base Camp and we had 3 days with slightly better weather… less wind. Yesterday, we used the day to visit the Rongbuk Monastery, about 6km far from here. This partially destroyed monastery is the highest in the world at 5,000m, and has a wonderful view of the Everest. Today, David and I went walked up a valley close to the BC, whose bottom is practically a glacier 20m wide, shaped like steps, which makes walking
easier. The view formed by the contrast of the very white ice and the bare rocks around it is surreal.

Well, the weather that we “considered” good, is running out and the forecast is of strong winds, including jet streams over 8,000m, making it impossible for one to reach the summit of Everest in the next few days.

Rozani came back yesterday from the North Col and is feeling good. We shall be climbing up again around May 10th or 11th.

Once again I thank you for the motivating emails, it is very pleasant for us to receive them… it is really tough here.

For those how asked the climbing sequence, here it is:
Start: Base Camp – 5,400m
Advanced Base Camp, ABC – 6,500m, two days walking from BC
North Col – 7,100m
Camp 5 – 7,800m
Camp 6 – 8,300m
Summit – 8,850m

Big Hug,

TODAY, we feature …

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