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Bobby Traps in the Snow

As the Base Camp is right in the middle of nowhere, we need toilets to dispose of our human waste as well. Well, the toilets are really nothing much – just some “rock walls” built out of small boulders to surround a “pit” for us to dump our waste. The weather (very dry and cold air, hot and cold temperatures) will help nature dispose of the waste pretty fast.

The problem I discovered yesterday morning, was after a heavy snowfall, the snow covers the “dump” pretty efficiently too. When I went up to the open toilet after breakfast – my normal routine, I found that I could not even see the droppings that was deposited just an hour ago. Treading through the snow, I just hoped I don’t stepped on a “bobby trap” that was laid by another fellow human being.

I am wondering how the rest of the base camp folks avoid this problem?

Ting Sern

Dear Friends,

After 2 full days of heavy snowing the team decided to move up to Intermidiate Camp then to Advance Basecamp to wait for a good weather window for the summit bid. The team only consist of David, Gil and Roz. I have given up my summit chance due to my persistent respiratory problem and my deteriorating cough has been causing pain to my right chest and now extended to the back of my right shoulder blade. The Basecamp doctor here has given me advice not to go any higher. Apart from taking painkiller to ease the pains, the doctor recommended leaving base camp for recovery as soon as the team is back from their last summit push.

Personally, I’m fully aware of my health and I knew that my chances of recovery at this altitude is really very slim. Whatever the outcome, I’m glad to be part of the team to make it this far. The prospect of not being able to climb the mountain or make the summit has been a great impact to me. However, as the time passed, I have learned to accept this reality and to make necessary adjustment so as to make full use of my time while being here at Everest North Base Camp. I wish the rest of team member good luck for their summit bid and most important, to return safely.

Signing Off,
Beng Cheong

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