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Hello everyone..

Today we are actively resting at Base Camp !?!!!!

All of us are eating as much as we can to replace some of the energy burnt off during our last climb to Advance Base Camp.

Last night was snowing. We had a little bit of a breeze from the North. In the morning, there was snow all over camp. For us, from equatorial Singapore, it looked good. We grabbed our cameras and furiously started shooting each other and the Everest.

Mt. Everest is fully covered with clouds and only sometimes shyly revealing itself just for a moment. We took pictures with our sponsors’ badges, flags etc. but the sun was behind us and we all looked even darker than we already are. Thanks to the Apple Powerbooks and Canon Ixus Digital Cameras we saw our attempts immediately. We’re planning for another photoshoot in the evening when the sun will be shining on our faces with Everest on the background. This way, you will get to see our faces too!!!

Health note…
Everyone except Ting Sern is coughing. I still have my head cold and been downing antibiotics down my gullet. We are all resting, drinking lot’s of hot Brands’ Essence of Chicken and hope to be up in the next 3 days. Meantime, life a little bit slow at Base Camp with the wind still blowing now and then.

Mohd Rozani

East of Rongbuk, note the glacier

The trek up to Advance Base Camp.

It was a long walk


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