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On the route to Base Camp
Report 28/3 to 29/3

Dusty & bumpy ride from Friendship Bridge to Zhangmu

David wites,

Today, we drove to Tingri (4300m). Moving to the Tibetan Plateau brought back memories of the 1997 Cho Oyu trip – except the land looked much more barren from a hard winter. The yaks – our first sighting – looked skinnier though no-less impressive. The blue skies were intercut with glimpses of snow capped peaks. At the Langma (sic) pass (5100m), we were treated to a marvellous view of Shishapangma (8046m) the first of the three Tibetan giant peaks. It’s of particular interest now considering my own post-Everest 2001 plans to climb this peak without bottled oxygen in 2002. I just need to get back in one piece first!

Once back down on the plateau and about 10 km from Tingri, Everest and Cho oyu revealed themselves. Long white plumes from the summits indicated strong winds at 8000 metres. It was humbling , seeing these giant peaks – even from afar. In between these two better know summits lay the dark bulk of Gyachung kang, just a whisker under the 8000m mark. A difficult mountain to climb, it was only successfully climbed in the 1980s by a crack French team led by Jean Claude Marmier. In the race for the ‘8000’ers, fine challenges such as this peak seem to have gone unnoticed.

As we turned the corner, the crystal views of Everest recede but the memory lingers. We’ll see more of Chomolungma soon.

Tingri is more or less the same as it was in 1997. The wind and dust comes free. We’ll be here for 2 nights in mud brick rooms. Team in good health and itching to get to base camp. Evereyone is well and getting along, the benfit of having experienced several expeditions together.

Checking out,

Mar 29
Ting Sern writes.
We went for a “walk” up a 300m high hill near Tingri in the afternoon. Weather was pretty bad in the Everest area – probably snowing in BC. So, we were robbed of views of Cho Oyu and Everest. Tomorrow, we depart very early (breakfast is 7am) for Everest BC.


Beng Cheong writes,
There was a short discussion this afternoon, regarding the number people going up EBC. Everyone seemed to be in sudden good health and ready for the last leg to EBC. Apart from having a little headache, most people want to get out this dusty Tingri and the same Chinese food over and over again (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Our poor Rozani already sufferring from a lack of good curries and rendang!! I guess, everyone is looking forward for BC even though the terrain & climate is known to be the most hostile place on earth. Most of our goodies that we brought over from Singapore are all in our main cargo – those barrels. We’re all dying to get into BC so that we could settle down and start retrieving our personal goodies!!!

signing out, beng cheong.

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