david's injuries

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  • Francois Cote says:

    Hello David.
    Im developing a completely new type of external AFO for foot drop. I live with foot drop for 14 years now.
    I have develop a brace to run marathons. I ran 14 full marathons .
    It’s a kind of plastic exo-frame that is completely out of the shoe. It’s full comfort. No plate. nothing in the shoe.
    Absolutely No risk of rubbing injuries to the foot. It can be fitted on mountain boots, hiking boot.
    I m from canada i install it on my winter boots.
    Our brace is not on the market yet. We are now patented in US CANADA and in Europe soon.
    It will be a pleasure for me to help you if you think it could be helpfull for you.
    Here is a couple of picture from my Dropbox.

    Links to picture

    Take a look a our device and give me a email if your see something good for you.. at fracote67@videotron.ca

    Good luck in all your adventure. I admire your courage.

    Francois Cote

    Link to Patent PCT

    • Francois Cote says:

      Hello again David.

      I had to remove the dropbox folder.
      I think this reply was only to be plublish in your private account and not at large publicly on the internet.
      Please if possible remove my email from the text and if your are interested to see more ,
      I will send you link to the picture link privately.

      Bye have a great day!!

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