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GRATITUDE WEEKEND: original climbing project not completed, body aches, blisters and face falling apart from sunburn. But on the road back to Kathmandu, I looked back at these two weeks and here’s what I’m grateful for: 1) my furkids waiting for me when I get home 2) a chance, at 50+ years old, to summit a 6000m peak in a totally stupendously beautiful area 3) a wife who tolerates these 2-3 week adventures, and who holds the furry fort while I am gone 4) all fingers and toes intact 5) the companionship and help of Tamang climbing partners so key in the success of this expedition 6 )lunching on steamed momo’s at a yak pasture at 4000m with a view of the Annapurnas 7) the ability to climb with a disabled leg 8) flush toilets, and hot showers 9) meeting people who seem so happy with so little 10) all your support, kind words and a small opportunity for me to inspire individuals to greater heights in their own lives For all that, and more, I am thankful- Maureen, Grant, MD Shariff, Tan Wang Cheow, Caffe Bene, GNC and Turbomed Orthotics

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