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Loaded Yaks!!!

Hi..this is Roz (unplugged from Everest Base Camp)

Today we loaded up our gear and high altitude food rations, onto the yak train for Advance Base Camp. Everyone is feeling fine, except for me- have a little bit of a cough and running nose. The temp last night dropped to minus 10 degree centigrade with a bit of wind. We have a very sunny morning today without even the slightest breeze. It is a clear day and we are rewarded with a great view of Mount Everest, it stands… very big.

Felt like a summit day, not so long ago. Later in the morning the wind started to blow, the usual. Things got dusty and cold even though there was the sun shinning directly on our heads.

Everything seems pretty productive for the team. David and Gill went for a hike, while Ting Sern, Beng Cheong and myself went for a cool wash here (brrrrr). Got every battery charged up and will get even more video recorded and digital pictures uploaded.

Tommrow the whole team will be heading up to intermediate camp and will stay for a night. The next day we will try to climb up to Advance Base Camp and return to back to Base Camp. It’s going to be a hard and slow day tommorow, hopefully the wind will relax a little bit.

Till then…

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