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Hi everyone,

The day before yesterday (Tuesday), one Kuwatii climber was carried down from ABC to BC by a chain of 12 porters and guides. He suffered from HACE (High Altitude Celebral Edemna – a problem of AMS). He was okay on the way up to I-C and was walking up with us from BC to I-C.

Yesterday, David & Gil came down from North Col to ABC. Today, they will be moving down from ABC to I-C. They should be down in BC by tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday, both I and Beng Cheong with 2 other American climbers took a very long walk from BC to Rongbuk Monastery and back. Distance is about 8 miles (13 km). The Tibetian Monastery is very badly maintained and bear the ‘works’ of the Chinese Red Guards that destroyed nearly 2000 monasteries in Tibet alone during the Cultural Revolution of 1975. Compared with the Nepali (Tibetan) monasteries of Manang and other regions of Nepal, this monastery is a long way from its original beauty.

Along the route, we saw lots of Chinese ‘blasting’ works – using TNT – but without much warning, the workers will set the explosives off. The closest shave we had was about 50m away !!

Rozani is nursing his very bad cough which was acquired from ABC.

Ting Sern


Once again, Apple Powerbooks go high! Since 1998, we’ve used Apple Powerbooks as the hub of our satellite communications and news broadcast devices. Operating well over their manufacturers’ specifications our G3 Powerbooks are working well at over 5000m and in temperatures which range from 15 C to – 15C. It’s also very windy and dusty at Everest Basecamp Rongbuk (Tibet) but this is a challenge we hope that the Apples wil rise up to.

Roz and Ting Sern hard at work at Rongbuk Base Camp’s communications tent. On their laps are Apple G3 powerbooks.

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