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Khan Tengri, looking sternly over us.

On every expedition, we would take rolls of film. On this journey, we have here some digital photos. Click on the description for a view of the snaps. Be warned, downloading some of these photos can take some time.

David outside his tent. Taking on the sunshine and getting a bit of colour on the cheeks.

The team brought a rather large flag of Singapore to a rather high spot at the Karly.

The Climb 2000 Foundation team, all smiles despite the aching muscles.

A bit of training on ice climbing and another photo. This is not ice-kacang… (a favourite Singaporean dessert).

Inylchek, a smooth glacier between the mountains. One is almost tempted to take out the skates…

Then there is the morraine at Karly.

Camp 1 at Karly.

It was a bit of a workout, going from Camp 1 to Camp 2 at Karly.

View of Khan Tengri, from Karly

The North Face of Khan Tengri.

Expedition members with the Singapore Mountaineering Federation flag, big smiles here.

The summit ridge of Karly

Roz grins away while Beng Cheong tries to look cool

At the ridge, Karly we remember another of our sponsors, GORE.

And the Singapore Pools, who gives so many of us hope and goodwill…

Another picture with Khan Tengri in the background.

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