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Yesterday we travelled 7 hours across rain soaked unmetalled roads to Besisahar, just 70km away. Some pictures here to give you an idea that travel in Nepal isn’t like a Swiss time piece. Rock falls, cave ins etc are common. I saw a total of six workers improving bits of this road, including a pair who were squatting with a hammer and chisel turning big ticks I to matchbox sized pieces- they’re going to take a while! Bright spots was finding wild strawberries on a pee break, having access to some great nut bars from GNC. Today, the reflection of Nepal’s functionality as a working state is a transport ‘bandh’,or ‘closure’, by some drivers’ union, so there go my plans to get to Kathmandu today, and my meetings are up in smoke. Enforcers have stoned vehicles attempting to use the highway. It should be lifted at 6pm. “Kay guarnay’ as they say here’

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