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An update from the team as of 7PM (Singapore time) on 22 Sep.  I spoke to David by Thuruya Sat phone voice and SMS over the last 24 hours.  The team has finally found access to the correct valley to establish their basecamp at position N 33.099 E 91.992, elevation 5160m (elevation approximate scaled from google earth)  I attach an image below is also from google earth which shows the position of the basecamp.  It looks to be in a nice safe position, beside a large glacial stream.  They should be able to see the mighty Dragons tooth from basecamp.  In a direct line the Dragon’s tooth is 7km from basecamp and 1000m higher in elevation.

This is  positive news that they have managed to establish basecamp in this position.  It gives much more straight forward access to their objective than their initial basecamp they spent the night of the Sep 20th.  Today the team were pushing higher up the mountain to establish an advanced camp, further up on the glacier.   This would have been very hardwork as they carried heavy packs, would be travelling roped up over the glacial terrain and route finding.  There bodies also will be struggling with the increased altitude making them very short of breath and suspect to the headaches, nausea and other altitude related effects.

I hope to receive an update from David within the next few hours about the teams progress today and I will update this blog as I receive.

Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson signing out on behalf of David Lim.

Basecamp and the Dragons tooth over 7km away (Image: Google earth)

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