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Hello again…

Today we manage to our duty for our sponsors, we took pictures.
Managed to take stills and digitals images with our sponsor’s banners. For the stills, we manage to salvage from Ting Sern’s “magic box” a good flash for the camera. As for the digital cameras, we just shift our position so that the sun shines on our faces. I left the G1 Canon digital camera at Advance Base Camp (its going to the summit U know) so only the Ixus are left at Base Camp.

We are preparing to go up tomorrow. This time round, we will be away from Base Camp for at least 8 days. It’s going to be full of action because this time we will attempt to get to Camp 5, this is at 7900 m. If the weather permits, we will try and go higher. The winds are still blowing hard and we hope that it will slow down a little bit. Your prayers could help.

Health notes.
We’ve been eating too much (realised this a bit too late) and we have to get rid of the extras. Guess the climb tomorrow will help us burn off the spares that we have picked up over the last few days. Our coughs are getting OK. I have finished an antibiotics course and quite a lot of cough syrup too. They taste good.:)

Gonna be higher


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