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26th Sept, 2012 0800hrs: Just woke up after a 12 hours of sleep. Melting snow now to make enough water for today’s hike down to BaseCamp. Will be packin up High Camp after breakfast.

1600hrs: We are currently at Basecamp. We took 2 hours just to pack up High Camp as most of our tent and stuff were iced-up and frozen rock solid. We will be spending a night here.
We have a slight change of plans: on Thursday 27th Sept, we have decided to drive all the way to Golmud aka civilisation instead of going to Tuotuohe (190km from BC) and spending a night there. So we will be driving about 600+km from BC to Golmud. Guess we will be sleeping during most of the drive as we’re still very tired. Although we are looking forward to civilisation (and a hot bath!), we will miss this very beautiful area.

Only 1 message from Roz: “I’m tired”.

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